4. Statistical analyst


1. Biological statistics, mathematical statistics, epidemiology, etc.

2. Have experience in pharmaceutical industry or CRO;

3. Familiar with the clinical trial statistical analysis process and the guidance of statistical analysis regulations at home and abroad;

4. Have a good theoretical basis of biometrics or mathematical statistics, and use SAS software skillfully;

5. Have good English reading, writing and communication skills;

6. Experience in clinical trial statistical analysis is preferred.

Job responsibilities

1. Assisted in the development of SOPs and other related systems related to the maintenance of statistical analysis;

2. Participate in the formulation of clinical trial programmes, estimate the sample content, complete random grouping and drug literacy;

3. Write statistical analysis related documents, including but not limited to statistical analysis plans and statistical analysis reports;

4. Using SAS software programming to analyze clinical trial data;

5. Responsible for communication with clinical researchers, data management personnel and management team.

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